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    Company Introduction

Heze Central Plains  Peony  Development Co., Ltd., as the  biggest  peony and herbaceous peony production base,is of  1200  mu  cultivated  areas, more than  800 kinds of peonies and  about 300 kinds of herbaceous peonies.  We can provide the large quantity of 10 millions plants to the market every year.

We are the leading enterprise for exporting Chinese peonies,and we build good business relationships with 11 countries successively, such as the Holland, Germany,English and France etc.The value of exports  per year exceeds 1 millon plants. In addition, we are of rich  experience  to build the peony gardens,and we help about 12 cities in China to  construct peony  gardens in recent years,such as Beijing,Shenyang ,Hangzhou , Taiyuan and Qingdao,etc.

Our company has greatest honor to  win  the  gold award of  International Flower Exposition  in 2014. Fortunately,we are  also the winner  of 18 medals from Tangshan Word Exposition .As the peony leading enterprise ,and  vice-chairman of  Flowers and  Trees  Association &Peony  Chamber of   Commerce  ,we have been  interviewed and reported by the Chinese News Center for more  than  30  times.


版權所有:菏澤中原牡丹開發有限公司    聯系人:趙經理    手 機:13853028866    

 地 址:山東省菏澤牡丹花卉大市場  魯ICP備19029724號-1